Terrorists Sever POW’s Hand for Ukrainian Coat of Arms Tattoo

This video describes the return of an Aidar Battalion fighter from the depths of hell. Vasyl Pelysh, returned to his home in the Lviv oblast after having fallen captive to terrorists. This young man, only 19 years old, suffered a month of torture as a prisoner of war. The separatists were outraged at the discovery of the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” tattooed on his arm, and for this they punished him by cutting off his hand.

(Image: norussin.in.ua)

Полоненому юнакові бойовики відрубали руку через татуювання з тризубом. «Надзвичайні новини»

(Image: ictv.ua)


Source: http://euromaidanpress.com/2014/10/01/terrorists-sever-pows-hand/

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