“I’ve been tortured for 4 days in a raw”

On this video a medical volunteer Yuriy Tyrtyshnyy tells about his experiences of being imprisoned by Russian terrorists. The video is in Ukrainian. We’ve translated some of his confessions.

6:51: “I’ve been tortured for 4 days in a raw”
7:59: “I couldn’t even imagine how painful it could be. They fully wrapped my hands in sticky tape; this procedure is called “gloves”.
I was screaming for 40 minutes to 1 hour! Hands were swallowing, the pain was horrible!”
18:30: “They would bring along their girlfriends; the girls would enter the camera and beat the prisoners, just for fun.”
18:25: “I’ll tell you what was possibly happening in the neighbouring cell.
Because that person was screaming so horribly that I thought I would go mad.
The interrogator [in that camera] said: “We will stick this pipe into your ass. There’s barbed wire inside this pipe. We will take out the pipe first. After that we’ll start pulling the wire. So you’ll tell us everything”… The tortured person was screaming horribly. It was somethin really terryfying.”

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