Meet Alexey Milchakov

Who is Alexey Milchakov? A Nazi from St. Petersburg, Russia, who came to Donbass.


Living in Russia, he entertained himself by killing puppies. The pictures below are from 2011.





Today he kills Ukrainians in Ukraine. Here’s his ID issued by so called “Luhansk People’s Republic”. As can be concluded from this document, Milchakov belongs to “Rusich” Neo-Nazi terrorist group.


Here’s their emblem:


It looks like “Rusich’s” members like leaving their mark on POW’s bodies. On the picture below: their logo, cut on the face of a captured Ukrainian soldier: 


This terrorist group used to have a Twitter account (not active at this moment), administered by Milchakov. On June 29, 2015, he posted pictures of Ukrainian soldiers with their faces cut off:


The next picture shows a Ukrainian POW executed by Milchakov a minute before the picture was taken. The picture was originally posted on his VK page.


Like the previous picture, the following one was originally posted on Milchakov’s VK page; he deleted it finally, but it was too late: the picture travels across the Web since then. Reportedly, it’s the ear of one of Ukrainian soldiers killed near luhansk in September 2014.


Here’s his picture from that battle:

Мильчаков на месте боя

Мильчаков стоит возле трупа и показывает палец вверх


The pictures above are famous in Ukrainian and Russian parts of the Internet. Milchakov became famous. But if you think he became an outlaw on Donbass or in Russia, think again. Here’s him, giveing an interview to Russia’s Life News channel, in spring 2015.


And here he is having a comfortable rest on Donbass:


A regular “hero” in the eyes of Russian terrorists and their supporters.

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