Captive Soldier Was Horribly Tortured by Russian Mercenaries

У лікарні імені Мечникова у Дніпропетровську лікарі не відходять від пораненого та замордованого бійця. Ілюстрація:

Roman Kopatsiy in Dnipropetrovsk Hospital. (Image:

On July 2, 2015, two Ukrainian soldiers were freed from Russian captivity, in exchange for Russian terrorists. One of them was Roman Kopatsiy. Roman was captured by terrorists on May 31, 2015. He is in critical condition after the tortures.

Roman’s injuries:
– both arms are broken;
– both legs (or feet, details unknown) were shot through;
– multiple stabbing wounds on chest and stomach;
– his liver has multiple cuts;
– injured diaphragm;
– his intestines have multiple punctures (the torturers pierced him with an awl);
– he has a severe sepsis (the awl was rusty).
– Roman used to have a tattoo with Ukrainian Trident and the word “Lviv” (a city in Ukraine). The torturers ripped the tattoo by cutting the skin off.

At this moment Roman is in the hospital in Dnipropetrovsk city. He underwent 8 surgeries so far. As of July 5th, he came out of coma, but remains in critical condition. 35-year old Roman is a father of 6 children.

“…when the guy lost consciousness, he was taken to a hospital in Donetsk and given glucose to keep him alive because they knew he could be exchanged. He was not given a single dose of antibiotic over 30 days!.. And then the separatists called us and proposed to exchange him for a ‘DPR’ soldier because glucose is too expensive” (

Sources: (English version)
Ivannna Kalugina (Volunteer)
Serg Rizhenko (CEO, Mechnikov Hospital of Donetsk, Ukraine)

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